The new templates have officially been released!  I’m so excited about this new venture, and really hope you like them.  These bookmarks are also set up where they can be folded in half and used as cards for the kiddos to pass out at school.  If you’re interested in purchasing a set, please go here.  Thank you so much for taking the time to look!


I’m so excited to announce that my first set of templates will be released this Friday!  It is a set of 4 Valentine’s bookmarks, and they are so cute!  As an added bonus, I’ve designed them so they can be folded in half and used as cards for the kids to pass out at school.  Keep your eyes peel for the official release!

This lovely couple was married in March of this year at the courthouse, and recently chose me to do their after wedding photos.  We were freezing our booties off, but this couple was so much fun.  I even had a few laughs with the hubby who claimed he didn’t like having his photos taken (I still think he enjoyed himself.)

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I was honored to be able to do this gender reveal session for this beautiful family!  They are so excited to be having another child, and little missy is going to make a GREAT big sister.reveal-a prerelease-a release-a

Wow, I have some major catching up to do!  Let me start you out with my niece’s maternity session.  This young lady is just gorgeous, and I’m proud to call her my niece.  We had so much fun doing these photos.  Enough talk, onto the photos!

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Not long ago I was getting bored with my camera, so I decided to just have fun.  I chose to take some Macro shots, & I’m in love!  I keep taking photos of random objects, but this one has to be my favorite so far.

It reminds me of waking up to the morning dew while camping as a child.

I’ve decided to enter this photo into a contest at rocktheshotforum.com.  I honestly don’t have high expectations, but if you like the shot, show me some love in the comments.